Welcome to Tokri, where heartwarming hospitality meets culinary artistry. Our cozy, inviting ambiance provides the perfect backdrop as the chef's culinary creations take center stage. We source only the freshest local and seasonal ingredients to craft imaginative dishes that balance flavors and textures.

Join us for a gastronomic journey that engages the senses and connects you more deeply with yourself, your companions, and the bounty of our region.

Our signature Tokri Chana Chaat dish features a mouthwatering medley ratte potatoes mixed with protein-packed chickpeas marinated in aromatic spices. This is then topped with sweet and tangy yogurt, fresh mint, tart tamarind chutney. A true taste of Indian culture.

Indulge in the comforting flavors of India with our hearty, homemade curries and sides. Our talented chefs marry aromatic spices with tender meats, veggies, lentils and more to craft nostalgic dishes brimming with warmth. We honor traditions while adding our own twists.

Our lively bar features unique cocktails made from premium liquors and fresh ingredients. Or enjoy our selection of international beers, wine, premium spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. Pull up a seat at our marble bar and sip innovative drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

Here at tokri, we features heartwarming dishes and classic comfort foods meant to make you feel right at home. Every item is prepared with love to nourish your soul. We keep recipes simple and focused on bringing out rich, nostalgic flavors to provide a comforting hug in every bite.

Ram Kishor

Chef - Tokri Resturent

Ram Kishor brings over 15 years of hospitality and foodservice experience as the CEO of Tokri and Riya Foods Ltd catering. Inspired to disrupt the industry, he created Tokri to deliver unforgettable dining moments.

Having grown up immersed in his family's farming and foodservice business, Ram gathered nurturing yet tasteful characteristics from his parents. These experiences instilled in him a strength of character and desire to create a warm, inviting restaurant where people enjoy themselves.

With his extensive industry background and passion for hospitality, Ram leads Tokri in delivering one-of-a-kind dining experiences.

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    This little Indian restaurant has just been completely refurbished, and I must say they have done an amazing job. The menu has changed completely, and I was amazed by all the dishes I tried. The starters in particular were amazing. I highly recommend it! Vegetarian options: I personally tried the broccoli starter (which has some dairy) and a lentil-based main dish, both of which had no meat and were incredible. If you don't eat any dairy products though, your selection may be more restricted.

    Salvatore C. United Kingdom

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    This is a fantastic place with great decor and service. My whole family loved it. We will definitely be coming back!

    Daniel D. United Kingdom

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    The food was delicious. We had the tandoori prawns and dahi puri, which were fantastic. The tandoori roti was very hot and soft. We will definitely be coming back again.

    Varun C. United Kingdom